Cloud Computing? Why Its future is Cloudy!

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Ironically Cloud computing isn’t new, only in the 80’s did we move to PC’s, before that, in the 70’s it was all dumb terminals hooked to a larger server. So cloud computing isn’t a fad, but a return to technology (all things old are really new again!).

Smartphones and Ipods are an excellent example of common, consumer acceptance of cloud computing.

I think the better question is what factors could dramatically slow it’s acceptance?

1.  Will metered broadband be widely accepted in the US??  If it does and broadband costs grow significantly, that will have an adverse effect on the growth of Cloud Computing.  If the broadband carriers discriminate between types of traffic, i.e. “If you buy your cloud computing from us, we won’t charge you for that traffic because it’s on net”.  This of course is the heart of the net neutrality argument and an entire different thread, but it absolutely must be considered in the context of your question.  Cloud computing is absolutely reliant on affordable, fast, ubiquitous broadband internet access.

2. The quality of the services and price provided.  Cloud computing only makes business sense if it reduces costs, increases productivity, and is easily usable by the masses.  So far, it exceeds these requirements, however, as we know change is constant, the cable companies didn’t see Netflix (cloud computing) and Microsoft didn’t see the rise of Google/Android/Iphone. Who knows what the hardware providers will roll out for the consumer?  Their entire business is predicated on customers repeatedly purchasing  hardware though they are shifting more toward a license based model to grow revenues.

With the potential profit from a reoccurring revenue model, cloud computing will absolutely be marketed as the “better mousetrap” because people tend to pay a bill as long as it comes in and doesn’t surprise them with a large cost increase.

In conclusion, yes cloud computing is here to stay(actually never went away), but it’s final form will continue to evolve and it will look quite different in 5 years than it does today



Michael Bremmer, C.E.O.,



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  1. Wow! That’s a really neat anesrw!

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