Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Michael Bremmer came into the world kicking, screaming, naked and unable to care for himself.

After overcoming these formidable challenges, he became the “Telecom Consultant” to many names you may know, The Salvation Army, The United Way, Desert Lexus, The City of Coachella, The Teamsters, The Boy Scouts of America, The Palm Springs Art Museum, MFI Recovery The Western Center for Paleontology and Archeology, , The National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration among many others…..

New clients rave about his uncanny ability to solve problems that have plagued them for months or years.

His existing clients are able to focus their full attention on their business because of his watchful eyes over their communication needs.

In his spare time he enjoys his family, playing Xbox, walking his dogs and volunteering for worthy causes.

Personal blog  (wait, you’re already here!)

Business Site

Linked in Profile   Michael Bremmer – LinkedIn


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