Can you hear me now???

Who doesn’t love spending an hour on hold, finally getting a human, telling your entire story and then finding out it’s the wrong department!

A couple of quick tips to avoid (or at least minimize this problem)…

1.   Google your specific problem, if you’ve had the problem someone else probably has also.  This could save you hours of time.  TYPE IN EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG… “phone rings 1 time but when I answer no one is there”.  Look at the suggested searches in the Google box.

2.   If that doesn’t work, email or fill out the customer service box on the company’s website, THEN PRINT A COPY OF WHAT YOU TYPED so if you have to contact them again, you’ve got proof you reported a problem.

3.   If you must call in, BEFORE YOU TELL YOU STORY, confirm who you’re talking to and that they can help you.

4.   If you’re calling about a business phone service problem, residential billing won’t be able to help you.

  1. If you have Verizon FIOS service, Verizon has a separate department for those customers than their copper lines or wireless service.
  2. The same rule applies to ATT Uverse customers’ vs. DSL copper.
  3. After you confirm this, get the person’s name, email, callback #.  If they cannot give this to you, GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION IN CASE YOU GET DISCONNECTED.

5.   Be nice but firm and remember, nice people get further than angry people.  Yelling won’t help and may make them hang up on you.

Of course, you could always order your telecommunications services through and avoid these types of issues because friends don’t let friends buy AT&T or Verizon.

Michael Bremmer, C.E.O., T.S.C.

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