I’m afraid for you.

The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.



Proverbs 27:9


Bottled up…like a genie.

Your heart…waiting for someday

Which isn’t actually a day of any week.

Hoping someday my prince will come.

I’m afraid for you.

Bad news doesn’t get better with time

Neither does a bad relationship.

Turning to no one, letting no one in

Never letting anyone see you cry

Because you’re too tough

Accepting 2nd or 3rd best because you don’t

think you deserve better (here’s a hint, you do!)

Shoot for the Stars, Catch the Moon

Shoot for the Moon, Catch a Lamppost

Shoot for a Lamppost, End up in the gutter.

(hopefully you’re still looking at the stars)

Ignoring those who love enough to tell you the truth.

I’m afraid for you.

But it has to be your decision to want better.

It’s too bad you can’t take all the strength

I see in you and demand it, live for it, go for it.

My friend, I’m afraid for you.

I’m afraid you’re afraid of being TRULY happy.

And that breaks my heart.

Because you could be…

I just wish you could see yourself

The way I do.

Then I wouldn’t be afraid for you anymore.

If you don’t hear anything I say, hear this…

I believe in you.

I hope, I pray that some day

I’ll get to watch YOU in the big parade.

That you’ll laugh and smile.

And you’ll always know

That I was there, your friend, all the while

Cheering you on.

You know I love you

I just wish you loved yourself half as much.



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