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Nasty or Nice?


Why is it “wrong” to be nice?

Our world has lost its “niceness”.

Why is it always the “wrong” guys that say all the right things?

When I hold open a door for a strange lady, isn’t sad, she’s surprised?

Or worse, that some don’t have the courtesy to say “thank you”?

Where has chivalry, manners or common courtesy gone?

So would blame our “faster pace of life”. I’d call BS on that.

150 years ago, if the crop or hunt failed, you starved; today life is a bit easier.

So, if it’s not a faster pace of life, what could it be?

Is it because it takes more effort to be nice?

Again, I know being mean sucks more energy out of me than being nice, even though I’m not always nice.

I think sometimes it’s easier to be mean, for example, when I’m at Sam’s Club getting my dog food,

I’m tired of being questioned about my cable TV choices. I just want to get my damn dog food and go!

Is it because we just don’t care anymore? I think so…

And that is sad.


Michael Bremmer


I’m not perfect and I know it.

You’re practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins)

We’ll never be perfect together either (at least I won’t be)

But if I can make you laugh at least once in a while

(hopefully much more often than that)

with my stupid jokes, cause we both know

it’s all in the delivery…

You’ll smile at me and melt me like only you can

Life will be good.

If I can make you think twice

(or if you’ll at least you pretend to listen to me)

I’d be happy.

I’m not shy about most things, including,

being human.

All I ask is you hold me and make me feel safe

Because that’s all I really need.

Is to feel safe, loved and accepted, for me.

Even when I sound like this guy

I’ll quote random books, sometimes even poetry

(probably badly), but hopefully you’ll laugh.

But I’ll be thinking about you constantly

And I’ll give you the only part of me

that you could break.

My heart and I don’t give that easily.

It’s taped, glued and held together with spit.

So please be gentle with it.

Smile at me when I make you happy

Only you know the smile…

The one I can actually hear

when you’re far and I’m near.

Yell at me when I make you mad,

Get it all out; tell me I’m a damn fool.

But please don’t be cruel.

It’s ok, everyone gets mad

And I’ll deserve it (even if I don’t)

It’s ok, because it’s you.

When you’re done, I’ll hug you tight

Say I’m sorry…

Because the only makeup on you I want to muss

Is your lipstick (never your mascara)

(I’ll kiss you right after you apply and fuss)

Sorry, but I’ll always think it’s kind of funny…


Miss me when I’m not there

Knowing I miss you…wishing I was with you

Knowing the hardest part is through

Because I only want to be with you

Making you laugh until God Himself

Takes my breath back.

But I’d still die with a smile

And a tear in my eye

Because you’ll be there with me.


Michael Bremmer



Outta time?

One day you will be…as my friend Alanis says… “Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you”

Or the movie, In Time, where everyone is born with a timer on their arm counting down their lives

We all have that timer; we just can’t see it.

So how do you spend your time?

And when you’re out of time, will you look back in regret or pride?

Remember, your life is slipping away, minute by minute.


Michael Bremmer


I’m afraid for you.

The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.



Proverbs 27:9


Bottled up…like a genie.

Your heart…waiting for someday

Which isn’t actually a day of any week.

Hoping someday my prince will come.

I’m afraid for you.

Bad news doesn’t get better with time

Neither does a bad relationship.

Turning to no one, letting no one in

Never letting anyone see you cry

Because you’re too tough

Accepting 2nd or 3rd best because you don’t

think you deserve better (here’s a hint, you do!)

Shoot for the Stars, Catch the Moon

Shoot for the Moon, Catch a Lamppost

Shoot for a Lamppost, End up in the gutter.

(hopefully you’re still looking at the stars)

Ignoring those who love enough to tell you the truth.

I’m afraid for you.

But it has to be your decision to want better.

It’s too bad you can’t take all the strength

I see in you and demand it, live for it, go for it.

My friend, I’m afraid for you.

I’m afraid you’re afraid of being TRULY happy.

And that breaks my heart.

Because you could be…

I just wish you could see yourself

The way I do.

Then I wouldn’t be afraid for you anymore.

If you don’t hear anything I say, hear this…

I believe in you.

I hope, I pray that some day

I’ll get to watch YOU in the big parade.

That you’ll laugh and smile.

And you’ll always know

That I was there, your friend, all the while

Cheering you on.

You know I love you

I just wish you loved yourself half as much.



Burn Baby Burn…


It’s easy to become bitter, lower our standards and accept less than we should.

It also easy to die…anyone can do it.

So why, when get hurt…do we cauterize part of our souls?

Cover it in scar tissue, hide it from the world..

Poisoning us from the bitterness waiting for the jerk who hurt us to die or worse live?

I’ve got my share of scar tissue…we all do.

And it still hurts.



Who I am…is not who I was!


If you’re more than 10 years old (or an infant) you’re a new creation…

I’m 40, so I’ve been remade 3 times.

Our body replaces every cell in itself every 10 years, literally recreating itself.

Is this why a man’s hair migrates south as he gets older?

It seems to me that we don’t actually lose hair, it just moves closer to equator.

The crazy part is I feel more alive now…maybe because I realize my life is ½ over?

Shaken to my soul…I don’t think so.

It’s just Grandma was right…

There’s always time for a hug and now I realize how precious those hugs were.


Michael Bremmer

Things get broken…

Toys, Hearts, Bones, People

Of those, I’ve never broken a bone (this just proves God looks out for children and fools).

And sometimes they’re just shattered…. (Even me, Mr. Brightside has felt like this!)

The key is how long do you CHOOSE to stay broken?

A day, a week, a lifetime?

Sometimes I think it’s easier to wallow in and swallow our own misery…

Unfortunately, time…keeps rolling on and soon your life passes you by if you’re not careful.

As my friend’s favorite album says… “it’s a long road to wisdom”.

I don’t agree with that, even though it’s a cool song…

I think life is pretty simple.

Live it, take chances and remember sometimes you lose.

That doesn’t mean you have to like it, because if you’re smart…

You’ll win more than you lose.


Michael Bremmer







It’s been one of those weeks.

You know what I’m talking about. The week where you have to CONSTANTLY remind yourself of your blessings….

So what’s the master lesson of weeks like this?

Losing sucks, life is tough and only babies get what they want when they cry.

Thankfully, I know the past doesn’t equal the future, but sometimes the present kind of blows.

That’s ok.

Because I’ve had some really good times in life and I’ve got some really big goals.

As my friend Oscar Wilde says… “we’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

Michael Bremmer

You’ll learn…(hopefully not the hard way)

Experience is the best teacher, but it’s the most expensive tuition you’ll ever pay.

(Michael Bremmer’s life lesson)

If you’re going to be STUPID, you better be tough.

(author unknown)

If you think an education is expensive, try ignorance.

(Jim Rohn)

As I get older, I’ve learned a few things….

My parents are really smart (yep, I didn’t think this at 18).

Falling hurts now (getting old sucks).

I CHOOSE my own life lessons (mostly).

So here are a few for those who are still young enough (or young at heart) to benefit.

Everything costs something, weighs something. Everything matters even if you think it doesn’t.

Pride and arrogance will cost you more than anything else in life.

Keep these in check and life gets much easier.

It’s not easy to keep those in check though.

Nothing is unlimited except stupidity, laziness and God’s Love.

Get as much as you can of the third. Avoid the first two like the plague.

We all have an expiration date.

Enjoy every moment and be thankful for today.

Tomorrow isn’t promised.

You don’t pay the price for good health, you enjoy the benefits.

You pay the price for poor health.

Read Proverbs & Ecclesiastes.

They’re back to back in the Bible and it’s the best advice you’ll ever get about life. (While you’re at it, read the entire thing at least once, you’ll learn something, I promise).

A dirty old man (or woman) didn’t just happen, its years of filth that only Jesus can wash away.

Finally, dusty Bible’s do lead to DIRTY LIVES.



Michael Bremmer



Will it matter in 5 minutes?

85 years young.

She loves the Lakers…

A widow (married since 1945, he’s been gone for 16 years and she misses him terribly)

A naturalized US Citizen (a LEGAL IMMIGRANT).

A war bride (yep, she was beautiful and still is)

A Nazi Occupied France survivor (Nazi’s invaded when she was 12).

My Mother’s next door neighbor.

I was so blessed to hear her story last night. She told me Hitler was the devil incarnate

and during WWII she saw more Germans than French in France.

Everyone was so scared, people disappearing daily….

She holds no ill will towards the German people, says they’re good people and it was a terrible time.

Here is some good advice…the next time you’re having a bad moment, realize, it’s just that,

a bad moment and ask yourself, “will it matter in 5 minutes?”

Probably not. Unless your country is invaded by a megalomaniac with a thirst for killing (or worse),

you lose your spouse, parent, child, ect, your house burns to the ground or you break your neck,

everything else is pretty much an inconvenience.

Somehow traffic, gas prices, a President I don’t agree with and the poor economy

just don’t seem as important now.

Michael Bremmer