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Ever Wonder?


Wondering is a lost art. I miss having the heart of child.

We grow up and put away childish things but sometimes I wonder if the world wouldn’t be better if we all had a nap and recess.

I miss rooting for the Road Runner and laughing at Wile E. Coyote. (Yes I rooted for him too!)

Who can forget Foghorn Leghorn “Now boy…”

Or “I will love him, hug him and name him George”.

The simple life of Charlie Brown and Snoopy is a world I want to live in.

Charlie almost never wins but he keeps trying and Snoopy has the greatest fantasy life ever while still living La Vida Loca. (Snoopy has always been my favorite.)

Pinky and the Brain taught me the value of setting big goals.

The Penguins of Madagascar show us good things come in small packages.

Scooby and Shaggy taught me its ok to be scared when you are brave.

Saturday morning couldn’t come fast enough….which taught me the theory of relativity (fun=time goes fast)

Finally, remember “show and tell”? I do and I think it’s why I became a salesperson.

Or maybe it’s why I blog, because I want to show my heart.

Like the Beatles song “Father Mckenzie writing the words to a sermon no one will hear…”

What do you miss about being a kid?

By the way…the Snoopy is from my 3rd birthday…cause he’s still cool 37 years later and like me he has a few miles on him, but still huggable. The miles are from years of keeping me safe from the monsters under my bed and in my closet.

Those must have been some epic battles.

Michael Bremmer


A Flickering Candle

“Men and Women are very different” Don Murray

“Well of course!” Marilyn Monroe


“I like you the way you are and I don’t care how you got there” Don Murray

“That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me” Marilyn Monroe


Sometimes the flu can be a good thing. Trapped in my bed, with Netflix, I watched the classic


BUS STOP, 1956

As a gentleman, Don Murray, drove me nuts for most of the movie to the point I wanted to punch him, as his character is supposed to.

As a man, Marilyn entranced me, even beyond the grave. Sometimes I wonder if the sadness in her eyes wasn’t just acting.


But I realized a few important things…

  1. No woman ever wants to see her man fight (or worse lose if he does). But in the depth her heart, she wants to know he fight to the death for her.


    Ladies, just FYI, any gentleman would fight to the death for you, without a second thought. Ironically, it may be easier than talking about our feelings.

    Guys, try talking it out a bit more, it hurts less than fighting and she’ll respect you more for it. She knows you’d fight for her but she’d rather you’d just spent time telling her what’s really going on. (If she wants to see you fight, you need a new lady.)


  2. True love doesn’t care where you’ve been, who you’ve been with or what your history is.  As a friend once told me, “we know you boys have histories, but it’s your future we’re interested in!”

    Gentlemen, like you, she has a past. It can’t be changed, but it made her who she is. Did she screw up, date some losers, probably, but so did you. Get over it.

    Ladies, don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to. Trust me on this. If you love him his past shouldn’t matter either.

  3. Marilyn Monroe was a terribly underrated actress. Her life shows beauty can be a curse.


  4. Men be the reason she wakes up smiling, not the reason she cries at night. Ladies, realize we’ve got a heart also, careful with it!


Michael Bremmer





I’m not perfect and I know it.

You’re practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins)

We’ll never be perfect together either (at least I won’t be)

But if I can make you laugh at least once in a while

(hopefully much more often than that)

with my stupid jokes, cause we both know

it’s all in the delivery…

You’ll smile at me and melt me like only you can

Life will be good.

If I can make you think twice

(or if you’ll at least you pretend to listen to me)

I’d be happy.

I’m not shy about most things, including,

being human.

All I ask is you hold me and make me feel safe

Because that’s all I really need.

Is to feel safe, loved and accepted, for me.

Even when I sound like this guy

I’ll quote random books, sometimes even poetry

(probably badly), but hopefully you’ll laugh.

But I’ll be thinking about you constantly

And I’ll give you the only part of me

that you could break.

My heart and I don’t give that easily.

It’s taped, glued and held together with spit.

So please be gentle with it.

Smile at me when I make you happy

Only you know the smile…

The one I can actually hear

when you’re far and I’m near.

Yell at me when I make you mad,

Get it all out; tell me I’m a damn fool.

But please don’t be cruel.

It’s ok, everyone gets mad

And I’ll deserve it (even if I don’t)

It’s ok, because it’s you.

When you’re done, I’ll hug you tight

Say I’m sorry…

Because the only makeup on you I want to muss

Is your lipstick (never your mascara)

(I’ll kiss you right after you apply and fuss)

Sorry, but I’ll always think it’s kind of funny…


Miss me when I’m not there

Knowing I miss you…wishing I was with you

Knowing the hardest part is through

Because I only want to be with you

Making you laugh until God Himself

Takes my breath back.

But I’d still die with a smile

And a tear in my eye

Because you’ll be there with me.


Michael Bremmer



“The fault is not in the stars Brutus, but in ourselves.”

William Shakespeare challenges the concept that a picture is worth 1000 words.

(ironically grammer check didn’t like that sentence, I’m rolling with Bill on this one) J

Our actions echo across the stars. Today is a picture of my life, am I smiling?

Did I blink?

What I do today establishes my legacy. What will mine look like?

My habits shape many futures, including my children’s. Are my habits pushing me forward or holding me back?

As I think I am, so how will I think through this singe page in my history.

What will I improve and how will I stretch myself today so I am closer to my ideal.

There should be no wasted days (or minutes) in my life, because soon, they add up to a wasted life.

Nothing is more tragic than that.
Michael Bremmer

Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane?

How important is HEART in life?

Helen Keller was mute, deaf and blind. She was born in 1880 (not a good time to be handicapped) and captured the world’s heart.

Why is it that “pretty girls” often are charactized as not being as smart as “less than pretty girls”?

(I’m sure I just offended some people, good!)

Is it because they never had to think as hard or become as witty because doors opened for them?

Or how about the ONE legged CHAMPION wrestler?

What makes the difference?

I believe HEART.

What do you think? (By the way, Helen Keller was beautiful, she just didn’t know it).

Michael Bremmer


You’d better pay attention…

(If you’ve seen the move Mr. Woodcock and liked it, this definitely for you)

“That boy is going to either be president or a criminal.”

What a great thing to overhear about yourself as a kid (from “knowing adults”).

How many of us with “overactive imaginations” would be on Ritalin today?

What would they do to Jim Henson, Einstein or Bob Dylan?

(sorry, Steve Jobs seemed too cliché)

SNL summed it up with “Ritalin, because it’s easier than parenting”.

I’m not a Dr. nor have I raised an ADHD kid, but I’ve had the chance to work with

quite a few. From this, I’ve learned one, very interesting thing…

If you give them a task and let them know it’s important(like leading other kids).

Amazingly, they are focused and generally do a really good job.

Especially if you tell them you believe they’ll do a good job.


Michael Bremmer

Oh, and by the way Mrs. “name redacted“, I turned pretty DAMN good.

No thanks to you and your cruel, evil heart!

I only wonder how many other kids you were mean to.

Just because you thought you could…

15 minutes with you?

I wouldn’t say no…

Or would I?

As I reflect on my life & staring 40 down when I will officially be middle aged, I’m beginning to ask this question more of myself.

15 minutes with who and why should I?

What terrifies me most isn’t getting older.  That’s going to happen, no matter what deal I think I have with God.   (He also warns us to number our days, several times in the Bible).  What really scares me is…

It is living the life of the “walking dead” who never lived life at all.  What scares me even more is explaining to God why I wasted His gift of life.

What’s your reaction to this?

Michael Bremmer



Like Mayhem Commercials? You’ll Love This!

Remember what Mom always said about “you get what you pay for”?

Recently Allstate has had a series of commercials featuring “Mayhem”. These are extremely funny and to the point about the price of paying too little for insurance. If you haven’t seen them, click here, and watch a few. Its well worth a few minutes of your life (if you don’t like them, see an usher and they’ll refund your money).

Once “Mayhem” does his damage, he always makes the point that cheap insurance provides very little value. Unfortunately it’s the same in telecom business and to get a decent T1 here are the simple rules you must follow.

Common tricks to be aware of….

  1. Lower Pricing without a T1 router (this is as useful as a cellphone in paperweight mode)


    A trick some T1 providers will use, is they won’t provide a T1 router, which lowers the monthly price of the service because a T1 router can cost upwards of $2k(divide this by the number of months in the contract and you get the monthly price difference).


    What they don’t tell you is a T1 needs to be decoded by a special router (not consumer grade router which is easily programmed). If you order your T1 without a T1 router, it’s useless. The irony of this is, the T1 “router” essentially acts as a very expensive “modem” because the carrier will not give you the access codes to the router (again, even if they did, you’d have to be able to program in machine language). Your internal network is connected behind this “router”.


  2. Oh, you want it installed? That’s extra. (Again, as useful as a flat tire.)

    Cheap T1 providers don’t always have the T1 extended from the DMARC or MPOE. This the absolute minimum point where the phone company delivers service, usually in a common electrical/phone/utility room. Most customers would prefer to have their service installed all the way to their office, where they can, you know, use it.

    Free installation is offered with most T1’s and the definition of “free installation” varies widely from carrier to carrier. Make sure you understand EXACTLY what you’re getting, in WRITING. One thing I’ve never seen a carrier include as “free” and is a common point of confusion for customers is actually connecting the service to your network. This creates liability and most carriers will not do it at any price. Plan on having your IT consultant configure and connecting your network to your service.

  3. How can I avoid these problems?

    Just talk to us here at and we’ll be happy to help you avoid “mayhem” type issues (at least in the telecommunications world.

Check back for my next helpful tip on how to by telecom services or whatever thoughts “pop” into my mind…


Michael Bremmer, C.E.O.,


Come Out! Come Out! Wherever You Are!

Are you maxing out your internet profile? Many people think that if they have a personal Facebook account they’re good, these are also the same some people who spend their whole lives (virtual and real) on Facebook.You know who you are and you need help….for the rest of us, please keep reading…

However, if you’re serious about social media for business/employment, you need to have a Linked In profile that is updated continually. Many people before they hire or do business with someone now Google (yes, Google is a verb) the person’s name to learn a bit about them. I personally used Google last year to disqualify applicants for a project I was working on; it was much faster than reading their droning resume (ever seen a resume that wasn’t drivel about how great someone is?).

Today, Google & Linked In ARE YOUR RESUME. One very “sweet” girl who sent me her resume was disqualified when I found on Google her Myspace page, which alluded (I’m being kind here) to a propensity to enjoy illegal substances. Her actual Myspace name said “Addictedto…..” where she listed several drugs she appeared to enjoy. This took me 10 seconds.

REALLY? I thought the younger generation was web saavy?

Another recent college grad, after being hired by Cisco, tweeted “After being hired by Cisco, I now have to decide between a “fattie” paycheck and the 2 hour drive into work”. Another Cisco employee responded, ““Who is the hiring manager? I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.”.

Here’s how to fix it…

Step 1. Clean up your personal websites, NOW. At least make your drunken pictures private. Stop putting stupid stuff on the web!

Step 2. Establish a PROFILE. Get some recommendations and if you can’t, that should tell you something even more important.

Step 3. Stop playing Farmville 6 hours a day. Get some sunshine and fresh air. Take a walk. Talk to someone (Texting is not talking).

Step 4. Rinse. Repeat, until I can Google you and find nothing but good things about you.

In today’s world of instant decisions, we ALL NEED TO REMEMBER, the web never forgets, literally, so take care with what you post, tweet or send, you never know when it may come back to find you.

Michael Bremmer (personal site) (business site)