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It’s better you don’t know.


Or my other favorite… “when you’re older”

Life is funny that way, because, they were right.

I can’t unlearn what I know or erase the memories.

(Freaking nearly photographic memory)

I’ll never forget the softness of your lips

Or the gentleness of your fingertips on my skin.

It would have been better for me to never known

Because it’s all I have now, memories that torture me

My soul bleeds for a few moments more

Screaming to revisit that angelic time

I held you in my arms

Addicted to a sliver of the past, forever gone

Never to come again.

A weight was lifted, a crush realized

With the final blow, ending it all too quickly

I would have given you all that I had

Hoping that it was a dowry almost worthy of you

With the slim hope, that all I am would have been

Enough for you to say yes?

While I want to be happy for you (and I am, sort of)

(I’m always on your team regardless)

Because I want you to you to be happy forever

(even if it’s not with me)

But my spirit weeps alone, because I wanted to be

the one your happily ever after was with.


What is Truth?


“We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about … when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea.

We are far too easily pleased.”

C.S. Lewis could paint a picture with far less than a thousand words.


What have I become,
My sweetest friend,
Everyone I know,
Goes away in the end,

And you could have it all,
My empire of dirt,
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt,

I wear this crown of thorns,
Upon my liars chair,
Full of broken thoughts,
I cannot repair,

Johnny Cash’s haunting voice seeps into the corners of your soul.


Truth, what is truth?

Pilate’s famous question of Jesus…right before he allows him to be crucified.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart,

Mind and Strength.”

“Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.

Jesus Christ, when asked, what the greatest commandment of God was.


This is not a religious blog, though I am a Christian.

I’m just a man…thinking about Truth

And knowing Truth is simple and isn’t relative.

That’s the hardest part…the torture if you will is


Knowing the right thing to do it and doing it,

Every time, when even when I think no one is looking.

(just like I tell my kids to do)

Michael Bremmer


I want to be Danny!


If you watch this video and don’t cry.

You’re dead.

This is what TRUE LOVE is about.

(click it—what do you want, it’s a free, personal blog)


Michael Bremmer

Nasty or Nice?


Why is it “wrong” to be nice?

Our world has lost its “niceness”.

Why is it always the “wrong” guys that say all the right things?

When I hold open a door for a strange lady, isn’t sad, she’s surprised?

Or worse, that some don’t have the courtesy to say “thank you”?

Where has chivalry, manners or common courtesy gone?

So would blame our “faster pace of life”. I’d call BS on that.

150 years ago, if the crop or hunt failed, you starved; today life is a bit easier.

So, if it’s not a faster pace of life, what could it be?

Is it because it takes more effort to be nice?

Again, I know being mean sucks more energy out of me than being nice, even though I’m not always nice.

I think sometimes it’s easier to be mean, for example, when I’m at Sam’s Club getting my dog food,

I’m tired of being questioned about my cable TV choices. I just want to get my damn dog food and go!

Is it because we just don’t care anymore? I think so…

And that is sad.


Michael Bremmer


I’m not perfect and I know it.

You’re practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins)

We’ll never be perfect together either (at least I won’t be)

But if I can make you laugh at least once in a while

(hopefully much more often than that)

with my stupid jokes, cause we both know

it’s all in the delivery…

You’ll smile at me and melt me like only you can

Life will be good.

If I can make you think twice

(or if you’ll at least you pretend to listen to me)

I’d be happy.

I’m not shy about most things, including,

being human.

All I ask is you hold me and make me feel safe

Because that’s all I really need.

Is to feel safe, loved and accepted, for me.

Even when I sound like this guy

I’ll quote random books, sometimes even poetry

(probably badly), but hopefully you’ll laugh.

But I’ll be thinking about you constantly

And I’ll give you the only part of me

that you could break.

My heart and I don’t give that easily.

It’s taped, glued and held together with spit.

So please be gentle with it.

Smile at me when I make you happy

Only you know the smile…

The one I can actually hear

when you’re far and I’m near.

Yell at me when I make you mad,

Get it all out; tell me I’m a damn fool.

But please don’t be cruel.

It’s ok, everyone gets mad

And I’ll deserve it (even if I don’t)

It’s ok, because it’s you.

When you’re done, I’ll hug you tight

Say I’m sorry…

Because the only makeup on you I want to muss

Is your lipstick (never your mascara)

(I’ll kiss you right after you apply and fuss)

Sorry, but I’ll always think it’s kind of funny…


Miss me when I’m not there

Knowing I miss you…wishing I was with you

Knowing the hardest part is through

Because I only want to be with you

Making you laugh until God Himself

Takes my breath back.

But I’d still die with a smile

And a tear in my eye

Because you’ll be there with me.


Michael Bremmer



A different way to use Google?


Notice I didn’t say new, because someone probably has done this before.

When I’m in a business, I often take pictures of their networking equipment and phone system with my phone.

I also often (unless I download/email them immediately) forget which equipment goes to which customer.

Then, I realized, my phone has GPS and it stores the GPS info as part of the info on the picture.

I entered the GPS coordinates into Google Maps and SHAZAAM; there was the business information I needed.

(Ok, I added the SHAZAAM, so sue me).

I’m convinced almost all of the information we need is either in the Bible, in the palm of our hand or our heads.


We just need to dig a little deeper sometimes.


Michael Bremmer

Can you hear me now???

Who doesn’t love spending an hour on hold, finally getting a human, telling your entire story and then finding out it’s the wrong department!

A couple of quick tips to avoid (or at least minimize this problem)…

1.   Google your specific problem, if you’ve had the problem someone else probably has also.  This could save you hours of time.  TYPE IN EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG… “phone rings 1 time but when I answer no one is there”.  Look at the suggested searches in the Google box.

2.   If that doesn’t work, email or fill out the customer service box on the company’s website, THEN PRINT A COPY OF WHAT YOU TYPED so if you have to contact them again, you’ve got proof you reported a problem.

3.   If you must call in, BEFORE YOU TELL YOU STORY, confirm who you’re talking to and that they can help you.

4.   If you’re calling about a business phone service problem, residential billing won’t be able to help you.

  1. If you have Verizon FIOS service, Verizon has a separate department for those customers than their copper lines or wireless service.
  2. The same rule applies to ATT Uverse customers’ vs. DSL copper.
  3. After you confirm this, get the person’s name, email, callback #.  If they cannot give this to you, GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION IN CASE YOU GET DISCONNECTED.

5.   Be nice but firm and remember, nice people get further than angry people.  Yelling won’t help and may make them hang up on you.

Of course, you could always order your telecommunications services through and avoid these types of issues because friends don’t let friends buy AT&T or Verizon.

Michael Bremmer, C.E.O., T.S.C.

t1 fiber mpls


Cloud Computing? Why Its future is Cloudy!

(This is a response to a question on linkedin)

Here is the entire thread…


Ironically Cloud computing isn’t new, only in the 80’s did we move to PC’s, before that, in the 70’s it was all dumb terminals hooked to a larger server. So cloud computing isn’t a fad, but a return to technology (all things old are really new again!).

Smartphones and Ipods are an excellent example of common, consumer acceptance of cloud computing.

I think the better question is what factors could dramatically slow it’s acceptance?

1.  Will metered broadband be widely accepted in the US??  If it does and broadband costs grow significantly, that will have an adverse effect on the growth of Cloud Computing.  If the broadband carriers discriminate between types of traffic, i.e. “If you buy your cloud computing from us, we won’t charge you for that traffic because it’s on net”.  This of course is the heart of the net neutrality argument and an entire different thread, but it absolutely must be considered in the context of your question.  Cloud computing is absolutely reliant on affordable, fast, ubiquitous broadband internet access.

2. The quality of the services and price provided.  Cloud computing only makes business sense if it reduces costs, increases productivity, and is easily usable by the masses.  So far, it exceeds these requirements, however, as we know change is constant, the cable companies didn’t see Netflix (cloud computing) and Microsoft didn’t see the rise of Google/Android/Iphone. Who knows what the hardware providers will roll out for the consumer?  Their entire business is predicated on customers repeatedly purchasing  hardware though they are shifting more toward a license based model to grow revenues.

With the potential profit from a reoccurring revenue model, cloud computing will absolutely be marketed as the “better mousetrap” because people tend to pay a bill as long as it comes in and doesn’t surprise them with a large cost increase.

In conclusion, yes cloud computing is here to stay(actually never went away), but it’s final form will continue to evolve and it will look quite different in 5 years than it does today



Michael Bremmer, C.E.O.,



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