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It doesn’t have to be that way…


That’s the way we’ve always done it.

It may not be the best way, but it works.

If it was good enough for Grandpa, it’s good enough for me.

I hate sayings like this. It means people are just too lazy to try something new or different.

Aren’t we supposed to grow our brains our entire lives?

I wonder sometimes if this is why we’re seeing so much Alzheimer’s, you know, “use it or lose it”?

What do you think?


Michael Bremmer

A different way to use Google?


Notice I didn’t say new, because someone probably has done this before.

When I’m in a business, I often take pictures of their networking equipment and phone system with my phone.

I also often (unless I download/email them immediately) forget which equipment goes to which customer.

Then, I realized, my phone has GPS and it stores the GPS info as part of the info on the picture.

I entered the GPS coordinates into Google Maps and SHAZAAM; there was the business information I needed.

(Ok, I added the SHAZAAM, so sue me).

I’m convinced almost all of the information we need is either in the Bible, in the palm of our hand or our heads.


We just need to dig a little deeper sometimes.


Michael Bremmer

Who is stealing at your company?

A few ways you’re being secretly robbed…

Your telephone/cellular/internet service provider

Inside wiring insurance

Very rarely used, if ever.


Line features

Most phone systems already include these, except for line hunting



If you have Google, you shouldn’t be paying for 411

Other random charges your providers might hit you with also….


These are charges you didn’t authorize, but show up month after month on your phone bill.

Here are two great articles on it…


Unexplained fees?

My personal favorite is “surcharges and other fees“!

Handset Insurance/protection

Like all insurance, it may have value depending on what is covered and how much it costs.

Phone system maintenance contracts/extended warranties

Most phone systems now are IP based and shouldn’t require an ongoing monthly payment to “maintain” them. You should however have all passwords/documentation to your phone systems and server equipment so an angry vendor cannot hold you hostage.


The City of San Francisco has learned their lesson the hard way…don’t think it won’t happen to you!


You’d feel better if we talked about it…888-829-5359


Michael Bremmer, C.E.O.,


Can you hear me now???

Who doesn’t love spending an hour on hold, finally getting a human, telling your entire story and then finding out it’s the wrong department!

A couple of quick tips to avoid (or at least minimize this problem)…

1.   Google your specific problem, if you’ve had the problem someone else probably has also.  This could save you hours of time.  TYPE IN EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG… “phone rings 1 time but when I answer no one is there”.  Look at the suggested searches in the Google box.

2.   If that doesn’t work, email or fill out the customer service box on the company’s website, THEN PRINT A COPY OF WHAT YOU TYPED so if you have to contact them again, you’ve got proof you reported a problem.

3.   If you must call in, BEFORE YOU TELL YOU STORY, confirm who you’re talking to and that they can help you.

4.   If you’re calling about a business phone service problem, residential billing won’t be able to help you.

  1. If you have Verizon FIOS service, Verizon has a separate department for those customers than their copper lines or wireless service.
  2. The same rule applies to ATT Uverse customers’ vs. DSL copper.
  3. After you confirm this, get the person’s name, email, callback #.  If they cannot give this to you, GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION IN CASE YOU GET DISCONNECTED.

5.   Be nice but firm and remember, nice people get further than angry people.  Yelling won’t help and may make them hang up on you.

Of course, you could always order your telecommunications services through and avoid these types of issues because friends don’t let friends buy AT&T or Verizon.

Michael Bremmer, C.E.O., T.S.C.

t1 fiber mpls


Like Mayhem Commercials? You’ll Love This!

Remember what Mom always said about “you get what you pay for”?

Recently Allstate has had a series of commercials featuring “Mayhem”. These are extremely funny and to the point about the price of paying too little for insurance. If you haven’t seen them, click here, and watch a few. Its well worth a few minutes of your life (if you don’t like them, see an usher and they’ll refund your money).

Once “Mayhem” does his damage, he always makes the point that cheap insurance provides very little value. Unfortunately it’s the same in telecom business and to get a decent T1 here are the simple rules you must follow.

Common tricks to be aware of….

  1. Lower Pricing without a T1 router (this is as useful as a cellphone in paperweight mode)


    A trick some T1 providers will use, is they won’t provide a T1 router, which lowers the monthly price of the service because a T1 router can cost upwards of $2k(divide this by the number of months in the contract and you get the monthly price difference).


    What they don’t tell you is a T1 needs to be decoded by a special router (not consumer grade router which is easily programmed). If you order your T1 without a T1 router, it’s useless. The irony of this is, the T1 “router” essentially acts as a very expensive “modem” because the carrier will not give you the access codes to the router (again, even if they did, you’d have to be able to program in machine language). Your internal network is connected behind this “router”.


  2. Oh, you want it installed? That’s extra. (Again, as useful as a flat tire.)

    Cheap T1 providers don’t always have the T1 extended from the DMARC or MPOE. This the absolute minimum point where the phone company delivers service, usually in a common electrical/phone/utility room. Most customers would prefer to have their service installed all the way to their office, where they can, you know, use it.

    Free installation is offered with most T1’s and the definition of “free installation” varies widely from carrier to carrier. Make sure you understand EXACTLY what you’re getting, in WRITING. One thing I’ve never seen a carrier include as “free” and is a common point of confusion for customers is actually connecting the service to your network. This creates liability and most carriers will not do it at any price. Plan on having your IT consultant configure and connecting your network to your service.

  3. How can I avoid these problems?

    Just talk to us here at and we’ll be happy to help you avoid “mayhem” type issues (at least in the telecommunications world.

Check back for my next helpful tip on how to by telecom services or whatever thoughts “pop” into my mind…


Michael Bremmer, C.E.O.,