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Lessons I learned from my dog Chopin


(Chopin passed…tragically on Sunday, 12/29/13, after a great day at the beach)

A dog’s tail never lies…ever and you can tell exactly what he’s thinking my looking at his tail.

Every day is precious…and when you least expect it, God calls you home.

Always be happy to see those who you love…let them know every time you see them how glad you are to see them (even if it’s only been a few moments).

Always be ready to defend your family, with your life if necessary.

Sometimes a loud bark is more effective than a bite.

Hug your dog more…he likes it also.

All you really need in life to have fun, is a good attitude (and someone to play ball with).

A kiss (or several slobbery licks) can make the world right again.

Food is good food, especially if it’s a treat.

You’re never too old to play.

Take a walk and notice everything even if you’ve seen it before, something might have changed.

If you run until your legs are rubber, that’s the definition of a good day.

Sometimes you’ve got to be patient with those who love you.

Family is not the blood that runs through your veins, but the love that flows through your heart.

All dogs do go to Heaven…(even if this isn’t Biblically true, which it isn’t, it makes me feel better and I still pray that I’ll get to play with all my pets in Heaven).

Being loved by a dog is the 3rd best experience in life, second only to being loved by your family and God.

Thank you Chopin, my giant puppy for teaching me all of this and so much more…

Lovely Love

Your heart and your hand

A prize any man would die for

Slipped away from me

Like water through my fingers

Your love so sweet and lovely

Full of grace and kindness

No deceit was found here

My soul weeps

Gnashing it’s teeth

For what could have been

How can I miss what

I never had or knew

A girl I never met

But whose spirit touched me

Across the world

Thinking of the tender things

We spoke of, worming your way

Into my heart.

You fear I’ll forget you

I’m afraid I never will

And that you’ll never forgive me

For running away

When I should have ran to you…


Michael Bremmer

Rock and a Hard Place…


I’m between a rock and a hard place.

Wanting to keep promises I can’t keep.

Stuck between my desire to be honorable and responsible

Tired of being the one whose shoulders the world rests on.

I’m worn out and used up.

Everyone thinks they know what I’m feeling

But how could they, when I’m not really sure.

Gasping for air, secretly hoping I drown

Because then the pain ends.

Fighting back because it’s the “right” thing to do

Because I’m wired that way.

In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen,

“If you don’t want to get hurt, just pretend you don’t have a heart”.

My problem is my heart beats on my sleeve

Where everyone can see it…

Sometimes I just want to be small, fit in pocket

But I really want to be huge, brighter than the sun

But not for egos sake, but because I really believe

God’s got a bigger plan for me and expects better of me.

That’s the worst part.

Disappointing Him and not really caring.

The Creator of the Universe breathed greatness into my chest

The day I was born, whispered it in my ear

And every time I fall short, I want to run and hide, instead

Of sitting in His lap, telling Him everything (He already knows anyway.)

Sometimes I envy Jonah, God used a whale to swallow him.

Unfortunately I lock myself in a room full of self-loathing

Trying to prove my merit as a man, wanting to be known for

Something special, to be noticed and respected,

A picture of perfection that really is just a shattered mirror.

Why can I see the greatness in others, like a laser in my eyes?

Believing in them more than gravity (it’s just a theory after all)

But not believe in my own value?

It’s simple…I’m not listening to the Creator anymore,

But my own doubts.

God calls me a Prince, Chosen, The Apple of His Eye, Special, Lovely, Friend.

I think I need to focus on what HE has to say.

My simple prayer…

In My Heart…

She can kill me with a smile,

Reaching the little boy that still lives there

The one who just wanted to be loved

And wasn’t (yes, I’ve got lots of Mommy issues).

Well, I’m not too complicated.

Be nice to me and I’ll do almost anything for you.

What draws me close, gets me every time

Is genuine kindness, the hope of sweetness?

You’d think by now I’d figured it out,

But I haven’t.

This picture is the one I ALWAYS knew I could trust.

The one who protected, loved me (teased me beyond)

I love you big brother.

(yes, I’m the cute one making ducks look awesome)

Michael Bremmer

It is what it is.

As the Stones say…

“You can’t always get what you want,

But if you try sometimes well you just might find 
you get what you need ”

Parents use this song to justify spanking or time out.

(yes, I believe in spanking if time out doesn’t work)

I think the irony of life is, you can’t have everything you want

Where would you put it all?

Also, quite frankly I’ve learned, the more I own

The more it owns me.

Toys, pets, stuff, emotions.

Emotions especially can own me; I’ve always had to watch them.

Mastering me, instead of me mastering them.

My passion and deep caring is my best aspect

and my worst enemy.

See in life, whatever you get the best of

You also get the opposite in equal amount.

I think God really does have a sense of humor

This is why such tortured souls, like

Poe, Van Gough, Steve (you know the one)

produced such wonderful things that changed the world.

As Tony Robbins says,

When people are down they tend to ponder,

When they are up, they tend to party.

(He ripped off Ecclesiastes in the Bible by the way)

While I don’t like being down, I have learned more during

those times.

As my stepfather taught me,

“Pain is the one teach no one ignores”

Dad, I’d rather just trusted you on that one.

But that’s not the way life works, I wasn’t there

when God created everything, He didn’t ask me.

But He’s God and I’m not, so obviously He’s got a better point of view.

It just hard to trust Him, even when you know you should.


Michael Bremmer


Some days you don’t want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes…

When your heart feels like a ghost town.

I just want to go outside and scream

Get it all out.

I’m pretty sure my neighbors might stare

That’s ok.

They already know I’m weird anyway.

But the good news is…

Tomorrow is a new day.

And I’m just too stubborn

To quit fighting back.

Michael Bremmer




Outta time?

One day you will be…as my friend Alanis says… “Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you”

Or the movie, In Time, where everyone is born with a timer on their arm counting down their lives

We all have that timer; we just can’t see it.

So how do you spend your time?

And when you’re out of time, will you look back in regret or pride?

Remember, your life is slipping away, minute by minute.


Michael Bremmer


I’m afraid for you.

The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.



Proverbs 27:9


Bottled up…like a genie.

Your heart…waiting for someday

Which isn’t actually a day of any week.

Hoping someday my prince will come.

I’m afraid for you.

Bad news doesn’t get better with time

Neither does a bad relationship.

Turning to no one, letting no one in

Never letting anyone see you cry

Because you’re too tough

Accepting 2nd or 3rd best because you don’t

think you deserve better (here’s a hint, you do!)

Shoot for the Stars, Catch the Moon

Shoot for the Moon, Catch a Lamppost

Shoot for a Lamppost, End up in the gutter.

(hopefully you’re still looking at the stars)

Ignoring those who love enough to tell you the truth.

I’m afraid for you.

But it has to be your decision to want better.

It’s too bad you can’t take all the strength

I see in you and demand it, live for it, go for it.

My friend, I’m afraid for you.

I’m afraid you’re afraid of being TRULY happy.

And that breaks my heart.

Because you could be…

I just wish you could see yourself

The way I do.

Then I wouldn’t be afraid for you anymore.

If you don’t hear anything I say, hear this…

I believe in you.

I hope, I pray that some day

I’ll get to watch YOU in the big parade.

That you’ll laugh and smile.

And you’ll always know

That I was there, your friend, all the while

Cheering you on.

You know I love you

I just wish you loved yourself half as much.



Burn Baby Burn…


It’s easy to become bitter, lower our standards and accept less than we should.

It also easy to die…anyone can do it.

So why, when get hurt…do we cauterize part of our souls?

Cover it in scar tissue, hide it from the world..

Poisoning us from the bitterness waiting for the jerk who hurt us to die or worse live?

I’ve got my share of scar tissue…we all do.

And it still hurts.



Who I am…is not who I was!


If you’re more than 10 years old (or an infant) you’re a new creation…

I’m 40, so I’ve been remade 3 times.

Our body replaces every cell in itself every 10 years, literally recreating itself.

Is this why a man’s hair migrates south as he gets older?

It seems to me that we don’t actually lose hair, it just moves closer to equator.

The crazy part is I feel more alive now…maybe because I realize my life is ½ over?

Shaken to my soul…I don’t think so.

It’s just Grandma was right…

There’s always time for a hug and now I realize how precious those hugs were.


Michael Bremmer