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Things get broken…

Toys, Hearts, Bones, People

Of those, I’ve never broken a bone (this just proves God looks out for children and fools).

And sometimes they’re just shattered…. (Even me, Mr. Brightside has felt like this!)

The key is how long do you CHOOSE to stay broken?

A day, a week, a lifetime?

Sometimes I think it’s easier to wallow in and swallow our own misery…

Unfortunately, time…keeps rolling on and soon your life passes you by if you’re not careful.

As my friend’s favorite album says… “it’s a long road to wisdom”.

I don’t agree with that, even though it’s a cool song…

I think life is pretty simple.

Live it, take chances and remember sometimes you lose.

That doesn’t mean you have to like it, because if you’re smart…

You’ll win more than you lose.


Michael Bremmer







It’s been one of those weeks.

You know what I’m talking about. The week where you have to CONSTANTLY remind yourself of your blessings….

So what’s the master lesson of weeks like this?

Losing sucks, life is tough and only babies get what they want when they cry.

Thankfully, I know the past doesn’t equal the future, but sometimes the present kind of blows.

That’s ok.

Because I’ve had some really good times in life and I’ve got some really big goals.

As my friend Oscar Wilde says… “we’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

Michael Bremmer

You’ll learn…(hopefully not the hard way)

Experience is the best teacher, but it’s the most expensive tuition you’ll ever pay.

(Michael Bremmer’s life lesson)

If you’re going to be STUPID, you better be tough.

(author unknown)

If you think an education is expensive, try ignorance.

(Jim Rohn)

As I get older, I’ve learned a few things….

My parents are really smart (yep, I didn’t think this at 18).

Falling hurts now (getting old sucks).

I CHOOSE my own life lessons (mostly).

So here are a few for those who are still young enough (or young at heart) to benefit.

Everything costs something, weighs something. Everything matters even if you think it doesn’t.

Pride and arrogance will cost you more than anything else in life.

Keep these in check and life gets much easier.

It’s not easy to keep those in check though.

Nothing is unlimited except stupidity, laziness and God’s Love.

Get as much as you can of the third. Avoid the first two like the plague.

We all have an expiration date.

Enjoy every moment and be thankful for today.

Tomorrow isn’t promised.

You don’t pay the price for good health, you enjoy the benefits.

You pay the price for poor health.

Read Proverbs & Ecclesiastes.

They’re back to back in the Bible and it’s the best advice you’ll ever get about life. (While you’re at it, read the entire thing at least once, you’ll learn something, I promise).

A dirty old man (or woman) didn’t just happen, its years of filth that only Jesus can wash away.

Finally, dusty Bible’s do lead to DIRTY LIVES.



Michael Bremmer



Will it matter in 5 minutes?

85 years young.

She loves the Lakers…

A widow (married since 1945, he’s been gone for 16 years and she misses him terribly)

A naturalized US Citizen (a LEGAL IMMIGRANT).

A war bride (yep, she was beautiful and still is)

A Nazi Occupied France survivor (Nazi’s invaded when she was 12).

My Mother’s next door neighbor.

I was so blessed to hear her story last night. She told me Hitler was the devil incarnate

and during WWII she saw more Germans than French in France.

Everyone was so scared, people disappearing daily….

She holds no ill will towards the German people, says they’re good people and it was a terrible time.

Here is some good advice…the next time you’re having a bad moment, realize, it’s just that,

a bad moment and ask yourself, “will it matter in 5 minutes?”

Probably not. Unless your country is invaded by a megalomaniac with a thirst for killing (or worse),

you lose your spouse, parent, child, ect, your house burns to the ground or you break your neck,

everything else is pretty much an inconvenience.

Somehow traffic, gas prices, a President I don’t agree with and the poor economy

just don’t seem as important now.

Michael Bremmer

Bad Days Happen…


Pain is temporary but Quitting lasts forever.

Lance Armstrong


Bad days are where character is formed and businesses are built.

Life tests us, to see what we’re made of.

The same thing happens in business. The trick is to be responsive to your customers,

learn from the bad/good things, plan ahead, don’t worry about

what you can’t control and keep moving forward.


Most people won’t do these things and that is why most people will never be

successful in business or life….

Michael Bremmer


You Say Control Freak Like It’s a Bad Thing?


I decided about 2 weeks ago to control the thoughts in my head.

I haven’t been totally successful (yet) but it hasn’t been a total failure either.

I’ve just decided to NEVER THINK about bad things again.

Sort of a “whack a mole” process I’m going through.

When a bad thought pops up, I ask myself, “What value does this have?”

Usually none.

So, I commit to myself, “I will never think about this again”.

Of course, bad thoughts are like gophers, they like to pop up right

after you think you’ve killed them all.


Little bastards…hard to kill aren’t they?

But if you shoot enough of them, the others figure it out.

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it works for me.

I’ve decided to be happy as much as possible.

Happy beats being sad and it takes just as much effort.

Plus it’s more fun.

I know, my mind is desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17.9), I’m not foolish.

But I also know, my mind is mine and God wants me to be happy.

So I’m going to do my best.

Because sad sucks.


What’s the risk?


What is the reward is the better question…

Reward is the Ying to the Yang of Risk.

Because, without reward, what’s the point of risk?

My dog knows, if he does certain things, he’ll get a treat.

Originally, he had to risk learning and found the reward of Milk Bones.
(I swear these are doggie crack).

If the reward is great enough, the risk won’t matter.

So why don’t we risk more in life?

Fear of failure (which is an event by the way, not a person).

Everybody fails. Some just choose to learn from it.

Michael Bremmer


Sell the Rolex, let them ask for a Timex..


It’s much easier to explain price than apologize for quality or poor service.

It’s good to be sorry if you’ve wronged someone but being sorry is a

state of mind that will change because tears dry.


Living your life expecting the best, demanding the best and looking for the best

is a choice. So is accepting 2nd best (1st loser).


You won’t always win, but you’ll be at the head of the pack.


Remember, failure is not as terrible as regret.

Michael Bremmer

My thoughts on SOPA

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Michael Bremmer